Level I Dec. 13 – Free Style

We are bringing back our popular “value” free style lesson.  Instead of making two arrangements for two lesson credits – you will be able to create up to four free style designs for up to 4 credits!

Two of the designs will be new lessons this year – a centerpiece and miniature free style design.

Below are 4 views of the same floral arrangement designed for a dinner or coffee table created by Emiko Suzuki

Here are some miniature designs by Ikenobo students – note the different types of containers for these little beauties.

Please bring:

A variety of free style containers as described below:

  1. A low bowl or wide shoka type vase like the one with four views pictured above for your centerpiece design.  Not too tall please! Bring pebbles to raise the kenzan as needed for a shoka like container.  Pebbles are not needed in a low bowl or suiban.  Bring up to two kenzans for this design or one large one.
  2. For the miniature bring any small vase that is not clear glass.  Bring the proper kenzan, oasis or mechanics for your selection.
  3. The black and white free style container or other free style container of your choice.
  4. Any other free style vase (s) and mechanics of your choosing.

Finally, bring a selection of line material of your own choosing.  Some line material will be provided and all flowers will be provided.

Please read:

  • An Introductory Free Style Curriculum
  • Joy of Ikebana Ikenobo – pages 2-34
  • Check the Resources page of this website for a list of what to bring to class

We arrive at 9AM and set up for class and make any necessary ginza purchases.  The lesson begins at 9:30 and you are generally on your way home by 2PM and you have probably enjoyed your own bag lunch with us!