We offer lessons for all levels from beginner to advanced senior professors.  Regardless of your experience level, we welcome you to any of our lessons.

Level I lessons are taught by any Stephanie English and Marcia Norberg.  Please take a look at each lesson description and feel free to take any or all of them by registering (click on the form to enlarge it and print it) before Oct. 1.  If you choose to register after October 1, please contact Stephanie English first to see if the class has space available.  Also, be sure to check out our FAQ’s regarding our lessons.

This year three of the four Level II lessons are designed to entice even our newer Ikenobo students to expand their horizons. These classes are generally taught by a Senior Visiting Professor, Muriel Scrivner, as well as our own Stephanie English.

Please note that our Level I lessons generally sell out, especially those in Jan-March and we limit the class size to 16 students.  We always have room in our Level II lessons.

We arrive at 9AM and set up for class and make any ginza purchases necessary.  The lesson begins at 9:30 and you are generally on your way home by 1:30 or 2 and you have probably enjoyed your own bag lunch with us!