Level I Lesson Summary

  • We have an exciting array of Ikenobo lessons for students of all levels and interests.

    Isshuike Shoka by Michelle Heuschen

    Please come and join us for the fun of learning Ikenobo. Feel free to register (click on form to enlarge and print) for all of these lessons at $40 each for two designs or choose the dates that work best for you.

  • Take special note of our “value lesson” on Nov. 14 where you can earn up to 3 credits compared to the normal 2 per lesson.
  • Also remember that if you sign up for any three lessons (may be a combination of Level I and Level II) prior to Oct. 1, 2018, you will be able to attend our Certificate Luncheon on Jan. 25 for free, a $30 value.

Click on any of the lesson dates below to be taken to the page that details each lesson.

  • Nov. 14– Up to three Free Style designs including one miniature
  • Dec. 12 – Two shokas – one Isshuike and one Nishuike; one will be a right hand or hongatee and one will be left handed arrangement of gyakugatte.
  • Jan 30– Rikka Shofutai with 9 basic yakueda and some ashirai
  • Feb. 27 – Rikka Shimputai
  • Mar. 13 – Shoka Futakabu ike Shofutai and Shoka Futakabu Shimputai
  • Mar. 21 – Workshop with Kyoko Petersen
  • Apr. 17 – Sanshuike Shoka and Free Style

Also, we continue to provide Level II lessons that are only slightly more challenging that our Level I lessons.  Please strongly consider taking them, especially if those dates work best for you.  Click here for details.

You will want to check out the books we have for sale to prepare for these lessons. These books will be available at all our Level I lessons.

Click here to register (click again on the form when it appears to enlarge and print it).

We arrive at 9:30AM and set up for class and make any necessary ginza purchases.  The lesson begins at 9:45AM and you are generally on your way home by 2PM and you have probably enjoyed your own bag lunch with us!