Level I – April 17 – Sanshuike Shoka and Free Style

In our lessons thus far, we have created Isshuike & Nishuike Shoka Shofutai as well as Shoka Shimputai  designs.  In this lesson we will focus on Sanshuike Shoka Shofutai (3 materials) and a Free Style emphasizing either lines, dots, surface or mass.

Below are three Sanshuike Shoka designs – please note the different vase styles and the variety of material.

Below are designs from our chapter members emphasizing surface, mass and or  lines.

Please bring:

  • For the Shoka a Type A  container with opening large enough to take a 3″ diameter kenzan is required.  Traditional bronze containers are not suitable for the Shoka Sanshuike or Shoka  Shimputai arrangements.
  • Pebbles to raise your kenzan to within 1/2 inch of the top edge of your container. Pebbles must be no larger than your little finger nail.  We will have pebbles available for sale at most Level I lessons for $5.
  • For the Free Style you may bring the Ikenobo black and white container or any other container (Type E & F) of your choosing with the necessary kenzan or mechanics.
  • Examine the pictures above and bring a variety of line material of your own choosing. for the Free Style arrangement. Please bring enough to share with others.  All material will be provided for the Shoka Sanshuike.
  • Flowers will be provided for both arrangements.
  • Check the Resources page of this website for a list of what to bring to class

Please read:

  • Invitation to Ikenobo – Shoka Shofutai I – pages 34-38
  • Joy of Ikebana Ikenobo – Shoka section
  • Free Style Curriculum –
  • Joy of Ikenobo Ikebana – Free Style section

We arrive at 9:30AM and set up for class and make any necessary ginza purchases.  The lesson begins at 9:45AM and you are generally on your way home by 2PM and have probably enjoyed your own bag lunch with us!