Ikenobo Books

There are many books to use when studying Ikenobo.  The Invitation to Ikenobo series is an excellent source for Ikenobo.  This series is soon to be no longer printed.  Most are currently available at every Level I lesson for $15 each.

  • The 6 Invitation to Ikenobo books listed below and no longer being printed – yet, they are still fabulous resources. We have some for sale.
  • Shoka Shofutai I, Shoka Shofutai II and Shoka Shimputai
  • Beginning Rikka, Rikka I and Rikka II

There are three newly published books that we recommend and they are also available at every Level I lesson.

We recommend the following package for beginning students.  These books would cost $125 individually, but we will sell them as a package for $100 (20% discount)

The following books are excellent for those interested in more intense study of Ikenobo.  They are out of print, but are generally available on the internet.  Some of the first two on the left are available from the chapter for sale.