Level II – Feb. 22 – Rikka Shimputai

  • We will only be making one design in a this class, however, you will receive 2 credits. This is a good practice for our VP Workshop on Mar. 8.

Please bring:

  • Type A, C, D, G or G container with opening large enough for a 3″ diameter kenzan or larger. Kenzan with an ashi (stem) is preferred. A more modern container is preferred for Rikka Shimputai designs. 
  • Pebbles to raise your kenzan to within 1/2 inch of the top edge of your container. Pebbles must be no larger than your little finger nail.
  • Wire, tape, wire cutters, pliers, pinchers etc. are required equipment for this class.   Wire and tape will not be available for sale at this lesson unless you have made prior arrangements with Daniela Klecan, our ginza chair.
  • Review the Lagniappe Videos on wiring.
  • All floral material will be provided.
  • Please bring up to 5 pieces of any of the materials listed below (or any of your own choice) for the following positions. Be sure the pieces are long enough and you will need three different materials (one for each of the three yakueda).
    • Do (Foxtail fern, Croton if long enough, Shell ginger)
    • Maeocki (Podicarpus, Shell ginger, Foxtail)
    • In dome (common fern).
  • Check the Resources page of this website for a list of what to bring to class
  • Read previous class notes on Rikka Shimputai and review of the basic yakueda of Rikka Shofutai in any of your Rikka Shofutai textbooks.
  • Your lunch or a snack.

Materials to consider to bring to class

  • Shell ginger leaves
  • Croton leaves
  • Common Fern
  • Foxtail Fern
  • Check out the pictures of materials available in this area on this website.

We arrive at 11:15 AM, set up for class and make any necessary ginza purchases. The lesson begins at 11: 30 AM and you are generally on your way home by about 3PM. Bring a lunch or snack to enjoy.

There will be a definitive break between the 1st and 2nd arrangements at about 1PM to allow everyone the opportunity to watch the critiques of all the arrangements and everyone the chance to have a snack break.

Please do not take your arrangement apart until all arrangements have been critiqued. If you need to leave before all arrangements have been critiqued, you will not get credit for the lesson. Plan your time accordingly.