2020-2021 Lesson Dates

As a reminder, our lessons will be on Zoom this year.  Click here for a printable summary of all 2020-21 lessons! 

How our Zoom lessons will be conducted (the sensei has the right to limit the class size at any time)

  • After indicating via email your reservations for the 2020-21 Zoom lessons you will receive the password to access the Zoom meeting links.    
  • Arrive in the Zoom lesson before 9:30.
    • The lesson will be locked at 9:40 so be on time!
  • You will see a presentation about the lesson 
  • This will be followed by a demonstration of the lesson arrangement on video.  
  • You will then be given a “homework” class assignment with a due date for the picture of your arrangement to be submitted in by 5PM one week later.
  • The next lesson will be a group review of all the submitted lessons with a critique
  • This will be followed by another lesson presentation about the next lesson and a demonstration video.  
  • All Zoom lessons will require prior registration.  
  • We will be charging $20 per lesson and payment must be made electronically (Zelle, Venmo), no cash or checks, please!
  • Each lesson should last about 90 minutes each time or less.