Level II Lesson Summary

This season we are continuing the Level II curriculum that we started last season.  We are continuing with Rikka arrangements that are suitable for beginning to advanced students. Stephanie English will also give us another lesson in Tatehana which so many of you enjoyed last year.

We are starting earlier this year.  Our first lesson is Oct. 30 for Level II.

If you want to learn Rikka, come and be a part of these lessons!  Feel free to register for any or all of these lessons.

Below are some of the helpful textbooks you can purchase from our ginza.  Supplies are limited.

    • Oct. 30 – Rikka Shofutai – Gedan Ozukai Rikka
    • Nov. 6 –   A tatehana lesson with Stephanie English
    • Jan. 29 –  Rikka Shofutai with glads
    • Mar. 25 –  Rikka Shofutai Chudan Nagashi

Click here for the registration form to register for any or all of these classes.

We arrive at 9:30AM and set up for class and make any necessary ginza purchases.  The lesson begins at 9:45AM and you are generally on your way home by 2PM and you have probably enjoyed your own bag lunch with us!