Level I – April 8 – Free Style using unconventional containers

Let’s move away from our routine and break out some different containers to use for Free Style.

Below are some unique examples of different containers to consider.  Also in addition to flowers, different materials can be used if you wish to bring them.

Please bring:

  • A unique and different Free Style container along with the appropriate mechanics for your materials.  This could be a kenzan, wire or oasis.
  • You may bring the Ikenobo black and white container or any other container (Type E & F) of your choosing if you have no other alternatives to bring.
  • Examine the pictures above and bring a variety of line material of your own choosing. Please bring enough to share with others.  Flowers will be provided.
  • Check the Resources page of this website for a list of what to bring to class

Please read:

  • Free Style Curriculum text book
  • Joy of Ikenobo Ikebana – Free Style section

We arrive at 9:30AM and set up for class and make any necessary ginza purchases.  The lesson begins at 9:45AM and you are generally on your way home by 2PM and have probably enjoyed your own bag lunch with us!