North & Central Region Ikebana Conference

Why You Should  Attend the North & Central American

Ikebana International Regional Conference

October 27-31, 2019
  • You get to expand your “friendship through flowers” cadre of friends.
  • You will be invigorated by the exhibit showing all the popular Ikebana schools and perhaps a few new ones You might even get an idea for our exhibit in 2020 that you want to emulate.
  • You will be inspired by the demonstrations:
    • Sogetsu – Wed. Oct. 30 – 9:30-10:30A
    • Ohara – Wed. Oct. 30 –  11:00-12:ooN
    • Ichiyo – Wed. Oct. 30 – 1:15-2:00P
    • Ikenobo – Wed Oct. 30 – 3:00-4:00P – Given my Headmaster Designate, Senko Ikenobo
  • You can learn from Ikebana experts by partaking of the many workshops available. Click on this link and then the Agenda tab to learn more.
    • Two full day workshops are led by Professor Manubu Noda – one on Rikka Shimputai and one on Free Style
    • There is also a half day workshop on Shoka led by Yoshiko LeSage from California
    • Or expand your knowledge by participating in one of the  Japanese cultural art workshops- give one a try!
  • The Artist Market will tempt you with all types of containers and other things “ikebana”.
  • You will learn from other chapters how they address some of our shared issues such as membership growth
    • There will be ample opportunity to exchange ideas at the Business Meeting on Tues. Oct. 29 – 8:00-9:00A and the Grow Ikebana forum on Wed, Oct. 30 – 2:00-3:00P
  • Enjoy the lively discussions and a snack with others involved in Ikebana from New York to Vancouver to India, China, Japan and many European countries in The Friendship Room is open most of the day for lively discussions
  • Spouses and guests and non-Ikebanists are welcome – there is plenty to do!
  • It is in Dallas!  Easy to get too. And there is lots to do in Dallas and Ft. Worth.

What to do!

  1. Go to this link  and click on the register tab on the far right.  If you do so before 12/31, you will save $100.
  2. Make your hotel reservation.  Click on the same link as above and then the Sheraton Dallas tab.  Special rates are available now!
  3. Consider asking an Ikebana friend to come with you – share the room, drive together – whatever!
  4. Help represent Ikebana Naples #160 and attend this fabulous opportunity.  This only happens once every 5 years.
  5. Consider making a donation to help defray the costs of the conference
  6. Share the good news with your other Ikebana friends – print out either of the flyers below