Zoom Lessons

Zoom lessons will resume in late April 2022! Details are TBA, but are likely to be repeats of last seasons lessons with some updates!

How our Zoom lessons will be conducted (the sensei has the right to limit the class size at any time)

  • After indicating via email your reservations for the 2022 Zoom lessons you will receive the password to access the Zoom meeting links.    
  • Arrive in the Zoom lesson before 9:30.
    • The lesson will be locked at 9:40 so be on time!
  • You will see a presentation about the lesson 
  • This will be followed by a video demonstration of the lesson arrangement.  
  • You will then be given a “homework” class assignment with a due date for the picture of your arrangement to be submitted in by 5PM 7-10 dayslater.
  • The next lesson will be a group review of all the submitted lessons with a critique
  • This will be followed by another lesson presentation about the next lesson and a demonstration video.  
  • All Zoom lessons will require prior registration.  
  • We will be charged $20 per lesson and payment must be made electronically (Zelle, Venmo), no cash or checks, please!
  • Each lesson should last about 90 minutes each time or less.