2019 Kado Lessons

The tables below provides a listing by title and style of design of all of the Kado articles on this website for all of 2019. There is another page for the period of August to the end of 2018.

January – December 2019

2019 MonthShoka ShimputaiRikka ShimputaiRikka ShofutaiFree StyleShoka Shofutai
JanuaryHow to express the focus of a Shoka Shimputai work by KobayashiWhat is Shofutai by AkinoMeaning of Learning Free Style by MoribeIn and Yo with Tokonoma by Nakamura
FebruaryAshirai in Shoka Shimputai by KobayashiClassic Rikka by AkinoFree Style expressions applied to Shoka by MoribeKimono, kusamono and Tsuyomono by Nakamura
MarchNumber of Branches in Shoka Shimputai by KobayashiUsing Komiwara by AkinoFree Style expressions applied to Rikka by MoribeHow to use new Floral Materials by Nakamura
AprilConsiderations in Creating Shoka Shimputai and Floral Materials to be used by AkinoHeight of material by NakamuraExpounding Nageire and Moribana by NodaThe Shin pattern and Shin Vases by Kobayashi
MayKabuwake in Shoka Shimputai by AkinoPatterns in Rikka Shofutai by NakamuraTips to the Advanced Level by NodaThe Gyo patterns and Gyo vases by Kobayashi
JuneTraditional Vases and Shoka Shimputai by AkinoImportance of Mizugiwa by NakamuraMedium, Small and miniature by NodaThe So pattern and So vases by Kobayashi
JulyRikka and Shoka Shimputai by NakamuraKidome & Kusadome by MoribeChabana & Free Style by KobayashiShoka Gokajo by Nashida
AugustAdvancing from Rikka Shofutai to Rikka Shimputai by NakamuraPositioning of Do by MoribeTokonoma & Free Style by KobayashiShichishuden (7 special teachings) by Nishida
SeptemberFunction of Shoshin as Centerline in Rikka Shimputai by NakamuraUshiro Gakoi by MoribeDignity in Free Style by KobayashiShoka Betsuden by Nishida
OctoberRikka Shimputai Work Using Two Vases by Moribe13 things to avoid by NashidaIdeas and Senses by NodaExpressing the seasons - Seasonal and Unseasnonable Flowers by Akino
NovemberNumber of Floral Material by MoribeThemes of work allowing for Particular Restraints by NashidaIkebana and Flower Arrangement by NodaDiversity in Combination of Floral Materials by Akino
DecemberIntegration of an Assortment of Elements in Rikka Shimputai by MoribeUsing two vases by NashidaUse of Non-Floral and Processed Materials by NodaSanshuike and difference from Isshuike and Nishuike by Akino