2021 Kado Lessons

We are providing these 2021 lesson essays from Ikenobo Kado magazine as a benefit of your membership in our chapter.  Just click on any of the links in the chart below to be directed to the specific lesson/essay. Lessons from previous years can be found as listed below.

2021 MonthShoka ShimputaiRikka ShimputaiRikka ShofutaiFree StyleShoka Shofutai by Iguchi
OctoberTsuri and Kake Shoka Shimputai by NakamuraSelecting Floral Materials by MoribeFree Style - Kobayashi - Manipulating space to best effectTai-oku Function & Position by Iguchi
SeptemberCapturing the beauty of the elements of the materialHidari NagashiMobile arrangementsJodan, Chudan, Gedan Nagashi
AugustHints from Classical Works - Shimizu
Chudan Nagashi - Akino
Free Style Relief - Noda
Kakehana by Kobayashi
JulyUsing Mikiashi and Ukezutsu in Rikka ShimputaiUke NagashiUsing Wood FramesFutukabuike
JuneArrangements with fewer materials demand emphasis on the materials selectedNima-ohaNaturalistic and non naturalistic expressionTsurumono, nabikimonoi, taremono materials
MayBalance in Rikka ShimputaiUshiro-oha-zukaiFree Style and Ikenobo Sen'no KudenCategorization of Floral Materials
AprilThe invisible branchMae Oha SukaiAncient Free Style for modern timesFunction of kimono and kusamono
MarchUsing one or two kinds of floral materialsAdditions to the 7 Studies - Ouchi-mikoshiFree materialFeatures of Sanshuike
FebruaryThe importance of the Seichusen and ShoshinUke-agari and Uchi-MikoshiStanding, throwing in, piling up and constructing stylesFeatures of Nishuike
JanuarySelecting Shu and Yo by AkinoNobori-do & Gedan Ozukai by NakamuraFree Ideas by NishidaFeatures of Issuike by Moribe