2021 Kado Lessons

We are providing these 2021 lesson essays from Ikenobo Kado magazine as a benefit of your membership in our chapter.  Just click on any of the links in the chart below to be directed to the specific lesson/essay. Lessons from previous years can be found as listed below.

2021MonthShoka ShimputaiRikka ShimputaiRikka ShofutaiFree StyleShoka Shofutai
MarchUsing one or two kinds of floral materialsAdditions to the 7 Studies - Ouchi-mikoshiFree materialFeatures of Sanshuike
FebruaryThe importance of the Seichusen and ShoshinUke-agari and Uchi-MikoshiStanding, throwing in, piling up and constructing stylesFeatures of Nishuike
JanuarySelecting Shu and Yo by AkinoNobori-do & Gedan Ozukai by NakamuraFree Ideas by NishidaFeatures of Issuike by Moribe