2020 Kado Lessons

We are providing these lesson essays from Ikenobo Kado magazine as a benefit of your membership in our chapter.  Just click on any of the links in the chart below to be directed to the specific lesson/essay. Lessons from 2019 are on this page and the period of August to the end of 2018 are on this page.

Each month we will also post pictures of specific to each of the lesson essays for the current month.  

2020 MonthShoka ShimputaiRikka ShimputaiRikka ShofutaiFree StyleShoka Shofutai
DecemberKabuwake ShimputaiIsshuike Shoka of Suisen (Narcissus)How to Get ideasOne material (Camellia) Shoka
NovemberKabuwake in Shoka Shimputai by MoribeIsshuike of MapleIdeas from Materials by ShimizuMaple Isshuike by Nakamura
OctoberThe selection of the vase and its color by MoribeA Rikka of Chrysanthemums by KobayashiSources of ideas by ShimizuShoka by Nakamura
SeptemberTatehana and Rikka Shimputai comparisonSunanomono by NakamuraCapturing the beauty of plants by NodaShoka by Nishida - Japanese Banana
AugustDignity of the Work; the mizugiwaIssomono by NakamuraDiverse materials by Noda7 Special Teachings; Morning Glory by Nishida
July9 expressive forms of Rikka Shimputai: Isshikitai by AkinoAnother of the 19 teachings: Hasu Isshiki by NakamuraRelief-style and Tapestry Arrangements by NodaContinuing the 7 special teachings: Lotus by Nishida
JuneFunctions & Effects of Ashirai:PositioningRikka Kakitsubata Isshuiki (Isshuike of Iris) by NishidaFree Style w/no flower by MoribeIris Laevigata by Shimizu
MayFunctions & Effects of Ashirai" DynamismMatsui isshiki (one of 19 teachings) Designing in Free StyleTree Peony (one of 7 special teachings)
AprilFunctions and Effects of Ashirai: 1-ColorNASakura IsshikiFree Style for Everyday and ExhibitsDenka Shoka's using cherry
MarchAbout the mizugiwaAbout the mizugiwaA discussion on variations in Kimono and Kusamono combinationsThe function of "ikeru" in Free Style designsRhodea Japonica; one of the 7 Special Teachings
FebruaryClassical Rikka and Rikka Shimputai - how they are alike and different by KobayashiNokishin Rikka by Akino. Interesting review of Shin, so and gym patternsIkenobo Free Style continues to expand its range as it adjusts to changing lifestylesReview of special Shochikubai arrangement; typical New Year's arrangement
JanuaryClassical Shoka and Shoka Shimputai by KobayashiSugushin Rikka by AkinoIkebana:Keeping Abreast with Changing IdeologiesShichishuden (7 Special Teachings) Narcissus by Iguchi