What you need to know and bring to class

Just about everything you need to come prepared for class is available on this page. Simply click on the hyperlink or the images and be directed to:

  • What type of vase is best for each lesson type
  • A comprehensive list of what to bring to class
  • A glossary of important ikenobo terms
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Lesson and workshop etiquette
  • List of fees and lesson requirements for earning Ikenobo certificates
  • An the ever popular Lesson Log

Looking for a lesson log – CLICK HERE!

Click here to be directed to pictures of the
types of suitable containers for all lesson styles.

Ikenobo glossary
Here is your guide to lots of terms we use in Ikenobo. Read this before your lessons!
Here is a list of things you want to bring to class
Certificate requirements
You get rewarded with certificates as you advance in Ikenobo. Click here for a list of lesson requirements