Container Types

Type/Style of Container
Type A Conical - Shoka Shofutai and Rikka Shofutai; note even top edge and base is more narrow than top
Type BCompote or low bowls - Sanshuike Shoka Shofutai, Free Style some Shimputai
Type CSanshuike Shoka, any Shimputai and Free Style; note jagged top edge
Type D Rikka Curriculum vase suitable for Rikka and Shoka Shofutai and Shimutai
Type ESuibans for Futukabu Shoka Shofutai or Free Style
Type F & GRikka and Shoka Shimputai; Shoka Sanshuike; not Shoka Isshuike or Rikka Shofutai
Type HTatehana, small version Shoka Shimputai, Free Style
Type IBaskets; Some Shoka Shimputai, Free Style, Maze ike, nishuike and sanshuike Shoka shofutai
Type JFree Style