Resources & Links

The information in this section will help you prepare for class.  Simply click on the highlighted word(s) on any of the items below and then click again on similar words on the next page that pops up and the information or document you are looking for will appear.

  • Register for our classes.
  • Get answers to some FAQ’s (frequently asked questions).
  • Understand what type of container you will need for class.
    • There is a video on the basic Ikenobo container types on this page which is password protected.  Ask Stephanie English for the password
  • Discover everything you need to bring to class.
    • Watch the video on basic equipment needs on this page which is password protected.  Ask Stephanie English for the password.
  • Any of these videos on this page will help you be prepared for class.  The page is password protected.  Ask Stephanie English for the password, but you must be a chapter member.
  • Download a glossary of Ikenobo terms so you can better understand what we are talking about in the lessons.
  • Download a lesson log to keep a record of what classes you have taken so you can earn certificates.
  • This list details the # of lessons and fees associated with securing certificates.
  • Read a short document about class and workshop etiquette.
  • See a list of books you might want to purchase that will help you learn all about Ikenobo.
  • Find out where there are Visiting Professor workshops around the U.S.

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